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System for digital point-of-gaze determination in real time

Keywords: Eye Tracking, Head Tracking, Man-Machine Interface Analysis, Human Factor Analysis.

IllustrationGazeTracker is a system that is able to digitally record where somebody is looking at. Having this information available in real-time or on disk allows for using it as control input to another device or for (statistical) analysis. More technical: GazeTracker is a multi-sensor, computer-based system for the real-time determination of points of gaze on predefined surfaces, without limitations to head orientation. Point of gaze is defined by the two coordinates of a point on a surface where a person is looking (this point is determined by calculating the intersection of the eye line-of-gaze with a given surface).
GazeTracker combines user-friendly calibration routines and features with attractive real time visualisation of the digital data. The system consists of an eye-tracking subsystem, a head-tracking subsystem and a calibration/preprocessing subsystem. A filter is available to determine fixations, if desired, from the measured points of gaze (a fixation is a set of coordinates, combined with a number for the duration).

Research and development evaluations have been reported in which eye tracking systems were used for analysing the execution of various tasks. The data was obtained from the recorded images of a "scene camera", overlaid with a cursor indicating the eye line-of-gaze measured.
With GazeTracker no more time-consuming, frame-by-frame digitising is required in order to enter point-of-gaze information into a computer for the purpose of analysis.
The eye- and head-tracking GazeTracker system provides point-of-gaze data in digital form and since this data is available in real time, the system may be used as an input device replacing for instance a computer mouse. But also more advanced bi-directional human computer dialogue is possible.

Recorded point-of-gaze fixations may be used in a wide range of applications, to name but a few:

Indeed a great many applications come to mind where it concerns the processing of visual information by humans.

Data sheets, Conference Reports and an Installation and Operation Guide.

Apart from the functional prototype developed under contract for ESA, GazeTracker systems have been acquired by others who are putting them to use in the aeronautical and medical fields. Development is however discontinued.

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